What do Masons DO?

Masonry is an organization that seeks to encourage our members to become better men through education, toleration, and community involvement.

Masonry is NOT a religion, but we feel that a belief in a power higher than ourselves prompts a feeling of social responsibility and accountability, and therefore we encourage all our members to engage in the religious pursuits of their own choosing. We recognize that good men may have different religious beliefs, and therefore Masonry make no judgment about the faith of others and instead promotes toleration for - and unity among - all virtuous people.
I’m already a good man, why should I join? 

Masonry provides tools all worthy men can use as they deal with the normal trials and challenges of everyday life, and can help you unlock your full potential as an honest and ethical individual.

How will Masonry make me a better man/husband/father?

Masonry will take the foundation you already have as an upright individual, and offer you the opportunity to meet with other, like-minded individuals where you can explore what it means to be a just and moral person. Masonry is a place where you can feel welcome and not be afraid others will take advantage of your generosity. Masonry teaches a moral code that has been embraced by all major civilizations throughout history, and it provides a support system to guide you when you have questions, and to help steer you back on course if you stray.

How do you support the community?

Many of our members are active in various capacities throughout the community. Our members are active in their churches, in town/city affairs, in youth organizations, in charitable groups, in business, and in the lives of the people around them.

What kind of fun events do you have going on?

Masonry is an organization with a strong interpersonal component, and social interaction between brothers forms the basis for the bonds of friendship of comradeship that tie our members together.

Is Masonry a secret society or a cult?

Masonry is not a “secret” organization in that we do not hide our existence or what we believe. Our lodges are often clearly marked, and many brothers proudly display rings and pins to demonstrate their membership. Masonry, like most businesses and other non-governmental organizations, holds private meetings where we discuss the “business” of Masonry such as paying our utility bills and taxes, planning events, and other such mundane topics. As most of us as individuals do not feel we are being “secretive” by not discussing our family finances or disclosing the personal issues we face in our own lives to the world at large, as an organization we do not feel that by attending to such confidential business in private makes us a “secret society”. 

The ceremonies which we use to welcome new brothers are not open to the general public as Masonry is an inherently personal experience, and to allow outsiders to attend and observe would ruin that atmosphere and diminish the striking lessons of the ritual. As part of the purpose of Freemasonry is to provide our members with a support system of like-minded individuals whom each member knows he can trust, the means by which we recognize each other are also kept private to prevent unscrupulous individuals from gaining access to that trust, and then using it for their own nefarious ends.

Masonry forces no man to join or to maintain his membership. In fact, as Masons we recognize that without a willing desire to participate, our values are hollow and carry no moral weight. Unlike cults which brainwash their members by alienating them from their families and taking control of every aspect of their members’ lives, Masonry encourages our members to be active family members and community supporters, and we impose no requirements on our members for participation or attendance at Masonic events.

Ten Reasons to become a Mason
  1. Masonry is a place where you can confidently trust every person, and entrust your family with them.
  2. Masonry is a place where, within moral and civil guidelines, free thought, free speaking and the spiritual growth of man can grow to its fullest potential.
  3. Masonry is a place, which provides the opportunity to meet, know, and call “Brother” outstanding individuals from all walks of life who you would not otherwise have met.
  4. Masonry is a place to be part of an organization that has for its principle tenets – Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth.
  5. Masonry is a place that provides self-development opportunities, leadership training and experience, and the chance to improve public speaking skills.
  6. Masonry is a place you can give support, as well as seek it.
  7. Masonry is place where moral virtues are taught and, through those teachings, a regular reinforcement of the moral virtues is experienced.
  8. Masonry is a place to spend time with a group of Brothers, who, by acting as good men, can make you want to become a better man. Not better than others, but better than you would have otherwise been.
  9. Masonry is a place to become better prepared to serve your place of worship, your family, and your community.
  10. Masonry is a place to meet with involved members of the community and to become part of that community
Interested in joining Freemasonry?